How To: Apply Newton's laws of motion to climb/descent w/ NASA

Apply Newton's laws of motion to climb/descent w/ NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), provides this educational video on how Isaac Newton's three laws of motion apply to aerospace and the climb and descent of an aircraft. The powerhouse of space exploration is one place you should learn these concepts from.

This NASA video segment from "Flight Testing Newton's Laws" explores how Newton's laws apply to the climb of an airplane after takeoff. Viewers watch an instructor and engineer at NASA's National Test Pilot School and learn that the flight path of an airplane is determined by variations in the speed, weight, angle and altitude of the aircraft. Viewers also learn that if certain assumptions are made, calculations can predict the aircraft's behavior under these variations. The instructor compares two graphs on a whiteboard to show the relationship between the rate of climb and airspeed.

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