News: Rocket-Powered Helicopter Drinks Hair Bleach, Emits Water

Rocket-Powered Helicopter Drinks Hair Bleach, Emits Water

In the market for a personal helicopter but anxious about increasing your carbon footprint? Pick up a peroxide-powered single-seater like Avimech International's Dragonfly and chop till you drop.

WIRED's Autopia blog reports,

"The Dragonfly is ... simple to fly and uses two small but powerful hydrogen peroxide [rocket] motors mounted at the tips of the rotor. The engines are ... just 8 inches long 1.5 pounds apiece. But don't be fooled by their diminutive size. This baby will top out at 100 knots if you're really pushing it. ... And the exhaust? Water vapor."

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Wow! that's amazing!

I remember seeing these in the back of comic books 30 years ago! Who knew the actually fly! Sweet I want one, were can I find a cheap and pure source(99%) of hydrogen peroxide?

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