How To: Perform commercial eights on pylons when flying

Perform commercial eights on pylons when flying

This video, brought to you by UND AeroCast, will teach the fundamentals of commercial eights with pylons when flying. The objective of eights on pylons is to develop the ability to maneuver the airplane accurately, while dividing attention between the flight path and selective pylons on the ground.

Eights on pylons involves flying the airplane in circular paths, alternating left and right, in the form of a figure-eight around two selected pylons. No attempt is made to obtain uniform distance from the pylon. The airplane is flown at such an altitude and airspeed that align parallel to the plane's lateral access, and extending from the pilot's eye, appears to pivot on each of the pylons.

This is just the beginning. Watch the full video with Anthony Bottini, CFI, as he teaches you commercial eights on pylons.

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