How To: Perform textbook-style short-field approaches and landings as a pilot

Perform textbook-style short-field approaches and landings as a pilot

One of the most integral parts to being a pilot is knowing when and how to land. And in short-field areas, some may find this tricky, depending on what type of aircrafts you're flying. This video features pilot Mike Lents, Lead Flight Instructor, shows you landing standardization by introducing the Short-Field Approach and Landing.

This episode is chock-full of footage of Mike performing textbook short-field landings at several short runways in North Dakota - runways of course, that many of you UND Aerospace students will have to make landings at from time to time. The information presented in this AeroCast episode was gathered from the UND Aerospace Warrior Standardization manual and is designed to give UND Aerospace students, as well as all of our dedicated non-UND viewers, a chance to have a look at a high performance Short-Field landing before actually attempting it for the first time.

Don't forget, even if it isn't your first Short-Field Landing attempt, the UND AeroCast is a great refresher before going out and practicing with your instructor.

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